the flying collaboration!~

can you believe this? actually we did it again, a new collaboration!
i wanted to do something so bad so i talked to Mike, we really missed our old collab about Japan and tried to find a new idea. this time it is 100% fun, the idea popped out in my mind and when i told him, he agreed. we decided to choose a flying theme!
jumping or levitating, both are just TOO fun to shoot.

so i went to the Parc de Fouchy again with Cathie and Nathalie on an -unfortunate- rainy day to shoot for the collab. they had really great ideas, i was jealous of how their ideas turned out so well but i could take really good pictures so i’m all happy! :D

for Cathie’s idea, she wanted to do the flying effect with balloons. SO the first mission was… blowing balloons up. there was so much kids in the park wondering where we got them. haha poor them.

hype Cathie’s look on

so that’s how her picture turned out. magical right? :D

done! then it was my turn. honestly i think it didn’t turn out exactly like the idea i had in mind. it would have been better if it was a sunny day D:

”- bubble pop!” by Johanne D. on

anyway i had much fun jumping and shooting with my super bubble gun 8)

Nathalie’s turn, her idea was to fly with an umbrella.

which umbrella is better? ;D

hype Nathalie’s look on

(hahaha sorry i absolutely needed to post this… i literally cracked up over this picture!)

i don’t remember exactly ALL the people in the collab, but here’s a list i tried to do : Mike Quyen, Any T, Bobby Raffin, Anna Wiklund, Peter Adrian, Bethany Struble, KANI, Chloe T, Anastasia Siantar, Jerome Centeno, Issam & Mohcine, ehm… Anyway, stay tuned on LOOKBOOK so you don’t miss them haha!
hope you guys like it!
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